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A bit of history...

Born late August in the Chicago, Illinois area I grew up in the East, majority of which was spent in the Washington D.C., Baltimore area of Maryland. I was certified by the State of Maryland, as a gifted and talented artist, at the age of eight. At age of ten my family and I moved to the (DFW) area of Texas. (At that time I was under the impression that it was still the wild west and that everyone dressed like cowboys.) I was very fortunate to have several very influential art teachers over the period of my grade school years, where I learned the basics of traditional art and sculpting, prior to digital computer art making its way to the traditional art schools. After high school while working at a local dealership customizing new and used vehicles, a friend offered me the opportunity to work at a tattoo shop at night, doing tattoos and custom flash. This led to my ever growing desire to create and design.

In 1996, while visiting my father in Scottsdale, Arizona, I visited the Art Institute of Phoenix to check out their degree programs. After visiting the school I immediately fell in love with the idea of designing in 3D. All my life I loved drawing, sculpting, and building things. My newly acquired love of 3D Animation accompanied with my love of all aspects of art led me to pursue an education in Computer Animation & Multimedia degree from The Art Institute of Dallas. Although I did have some outstanding teachers there, I quickly found that it was up to me to learn on my own and get to know the software beyond what the classroom offered.

I began working full time, four months before graduating from the Art Institute of Dallas, for WCG Advertising Agency. There I gained the position of Art Director. I directed development and implementation of company image, product development and commercial development for local and national commercial spots.

While working at WCG Advertising Agency I was offered the opportunity to come aboard at my current employer to lead in developing the 3D animation and modeling for backgrounds in a live action movie, shot on green screens. I worked in tandem with CEC Entertainment, Inc. and FUNimations Productions. At my current employer, a production and software development company where I've worked for over 20 years, I've led and assisted a talented team of engineers and digital designers in the output of various commercials, 3D visualizations, CD, and multimedia roms for several local and national companies. I was tasked with creating and maintaining the company's public image through print, design, media, events, and internet. The bulk of which cannot be viewed due to it's sensitive nature having been classified by the government.

In 2005 I discovered the art of Burning Man, which has inspired a multitude of major art projects, some of which can be seen in the Fine Arts section of my website. The scale of these artworks vary from a few feet to over two stories tall. In several of these daunting projects, I've led teams in creating my designs, from small to large teams of over thirty people. Utilizing my knowledge of 3D and natural talents in sculpting, I have conceived some very creative and remarkable works that thousands have enjoyed. Always meeting the deadlines I set forth to make, I have accomplished some very memorable pieces.

After over 23 years of working as a 3D Animator & Multimedia Digital professional, I have proven my qualifications on countless projects for major corporations like Alcon, Radio Shack, Lockheed Martin, Sprint, RCA, Northrop Grumman, Boeing and Bell Helicopter. I have been involved in many aspects of 3D animation, film, television, video editing, compositing, web design and multimedia production design.


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CG Abilities

3d software: Autodesk 3D Studio Max

2d software: Adobe Photoshop
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Adobe Indesign

compositing/FX: Adobe After Effects

video editing: Adobe Premiere

web design: WordPress
Adobe Dreamweaver
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other softwareMicrosoft Office Suite